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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Finally, My DSLR Camera Was Recovered

canon camera  recovered in pawnshop
1200D Canon DSLR Camera
 I am so happy today! Because my beloved Camera was recovered. Guess what! It takes almost a year to recover my camera in the pawn shop. when poverty strikes us, we don't have a choice to find a solution to survive. LOL =)

      Anyway, the reason why I left it in a pawn shop as a pledge or collateral because I lost a budget to build my small business. My carpenter salary and the item I need to build my business is very expensive and it cost me too much. 

That's why I don't have a choice, but I need to add my budget to build my dream business. But anyway, now I have it my DSLR camera I can take a shoot and practice to have a skill in taking a picture and post it here in my online diary or blog.

 If you want to know if I am a professional photographer? Not yet! maybe someday, LOL =)
 I am a self taught in photography also but as long as we have an internet we can search and find on the internet about what we need to know in photography. 

    In that case I think I don't need to undergo on training school in a photography course. what do you think guys? what is the best subject to start to take a picture as a beginner in photography in advance? 

I know you will say that search it on the internet. LOL. But let me hear your suggestion first and Let me know about your knowledge in this field. maybe you can help me to become a pro. Is that amazing? =)

Please feel free to comment below about what your suggesting. negative and positive feedback and suggestion is well appreciated.

Thank you all for reading.

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