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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bakit Kung Sino Pa Song Cover

Hello guys! How are you today? thank you for stopping by, this is my first post on my online diary! this video I made is a song cover entitled Bakit kung sinu pa by gagong rapper! I hope you will like and share it guys!

   I remember the time when I record this song, hahah this is the time when someone broke me into pieces. And this is the time I realize that she is already gone. I can't take it back. All of my dreams and goals in my life are going to in vain and worthless on.

    Did you already feel that the feeling, when your love is gone and you can say it into yourself that my life is lacking and something is missing and incomplete? Me? I did! but thanks to God for helping me to overcome that trial LOL=)

 Guys, you know what is the lesson of my past? when you think you find the one! we must care it, hold it tight. and don't let go. Pride is a number 1 reason of the break up. we should put it down. even though it is not our fault we should forgive and give her a chance.

Life is not fair and in fact who ever you chose they will continue to hurt you like what bob marley said:

"If shes amazing she wont be easy. If she's easy, she wont be amazing. if she's worth it,
you wont give up. if you give up, you're not worthy.
truth is everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the
ones worth suffering for."  -Bob marley

 Anyways, I believed that all what was happening has a good reason and purpose. So keep on your track and make a better future for yourself. But first we must put our God first, then everything what we need will follow. Thank you again for stopping by. =)

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