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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Buhay OFW (OPM Rap Song)

"Buhay OFW"

    Once again, I wrote another a rap song, produce it and post it here on my blog, I hope you readers and visitors will not bash me on this video I make because as you know I am not yet an expert on making a rap song. But at least I tried and put my dreams into action. LOL =)

   So please support me to achieve my goal and success in this music industry. Please do share my blog, YouTube channel and articles to your social media sites like your Facebook account, twitter account, instagram and YouTube.

 Anyways, This song I made entitled Buhay ofw base on my research because they say that if you are an ofw or an overseas Filipino worker you'll live in a luxury lifestyle. But it is the wrong point of view.

   Even though you are working in abroad, you will not sure to have a luxury lifestyle. In abroad your sacrifices and burden is not easy. Maybe other people have a lucky journey to work in abroad, but not all workers there can have it.

 In this OPM rap song I made. I compiled all the data and information that I gathered from the internet and it's inspired me to make a rap song about it. because I want to inform all Filipinos, that if they dream to become a rich by working abroad. then I can prove them wrong!

  And maybe they will stop dreaming about it and work to find another option here in our country. To  reach their dream.

   I hope you will appreciate my masterpiece and share it with others. Please feel free to comment and give me a suggestion about this song and article I made.

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