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Saturday, October 21, 2017

PAYPAL Allowed To Send and Request Cash Using Facebook Messenger For All Americans


SAN FRANCISCO: on-line payment gateway PayPal has allowed american folks to send and request cash via Facebook messenger using PayPal accounts.

PayPal is that the leader in peer-to-peer (P2P) payments with $24 billion in P2P volume throughout the third quarter of 2017 alone (up forty seven per cent year-over-year).

The ability to send and request cash in messenger offers people a lot of selection and more convenient ways that to induce things done in totally different contexts.

"Whether it's splitting a bill for a cab ride or a night out, paying for your share of the rent, or making sure you get paid back for mom's birthday present, PayPal makes exchanging money between friends and family simple," the company said in a statement late Friday. 

Last year, PayPal partnered with Facebook messenger, permitting over a pair of.5 million US customers to attach their accounts, use PayPal to buy on messenger and change messenger as a way of communication for PayPal users.

When composing a message in messenger with one person, or perhaps a group, people will tap on the blue and icon, then choose the green payments button to quickly send or request cash.

People will then select PayPal as their funding source when creating a P2P payment with their messenger contacts.

"In addition to enabling P2P payments with PayPal in Messenger, we are also introducing our first-ever PayPal customer service bot for Messenger, so PayPal customers can seamlessly receive payment and account support directly in the app," said Bill Ready, Chief Operating Officer, PayPal. 


  1. And they keep treating Nigerians like trash?

    When they can now use PayPal on Messenger?

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