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Friday, October 6, 2017

Henry Sy Story: The Reason Why There Is No Mercury Drugs In SM Malls

Henry Sy Story

In his youth age, he needed to urge wealthy life so he tried several businesses to urge enough financial gain but he got failed. after attempting so hard to earn enough cash to begin a little business, one thing crossed into his mind. He thought of building a little shop.

But the question is how to get some customers?

He noticed  that Mercury Drug, that has been within the business for so many years, has several loyal customers returning to them. He approached the owner and asked if he will rent and place his tiny shop there even with a really tiny portion.

Unfortunately, He wasn't allowed and got embarrassed despite the fact that he asked in a well mannered way.

Instead, he secure to himself that he will never let Mercury Drug step into his life once he gets wealthy. So in 1958, Mr. Sy established his shop in Quiapo, Manila, that became SM Quiapo, the primary SM Mall, in November 1972.

Now, Mr. Sy is that the richest man within the Philippines thanks to his own will and determination, gaining $5 billion in 2010, in  the middle of worldwide financial crisis. he's additionally the owner of China bank and operator of BDO.

Aside from his various malls, Supermalls and supermarkets within the Philippines, he also owns six SM Malls in Asian nation, and one SM Mall in Guam. He even franchised Watson’s from Hong Kong that became the substitute for Mercury Drug.


  1. Don't know alot on SM stores but still it's nice somebody in the world is doing something different for a change

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