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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Best Investment Is Learning For Your Self Then Remove The "L"

The best investment is learning for your self

Last year 2017, I encountered lots of failures. I felt down and want to surrender because I think and I feel that I cant take this anymore, I want to stop and let my failure devour me. But when I think if I let my  failure defeat me! I will always be a loser person. So I Fight back!

Anyway, my business that time is a computer shop with internet cafe, I accept all kinds of services like printing, encoding, movie and music download , video editing, printer repair and computer repair. But On my area I have a lot of  competitors and that is the reason  why my business is on the edge of the fall! 

So I search and start learning how to interact people, asking and getting their ideas and about what they want do in that place. I found out that my area is good for video bar. So I applied for a loan to buy a videoke and capital for drinks. And that is the start of winning against failure. Therefore I learn that learning something new is the best investment. And don't surrender.

My second failure is trading in IQoption at the start of trading. I thought that trading is easy because we only predict if it is going up or down and do a martingale strategy. But I was wrong and failed again and lose my 1000 usd. 

And because of that failure I search again and learn new things and I meet this kind of crypto currency trading at tidex.com. We all know that bitcoin is one of the best crypto currencies, but we also know that BTC is very expensive too but so I choose another alternative. 

I found out that MSD, DOGE, ETN, TRCT, WAVE, and RIPPLE are the best choice to save a lot of coins. these crypto currencies have a potential to become like a Bitcoin. So as of now I hold, buy and sell. And hoping to recover my lose in IQoption and earn lots more. 

How about you? what is your worst experience in 2017 and solution  in every bad situation?

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  1. in my experience i have a lot of rejection also.. i do networking(mlm) before, then i become curious in online marketing.. google,facebook,twiter etc.. then i started to research i have trial and error strategy also.. but its ok its a part of learning. i haven't achieved anything yet.

  2. Very good post and really informative.

  3. Nice, I love the part remove the "l"