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Friday, January 5, 2018

Preserve The Moment And Memories Through Photography

Amateurs Photographer like me use a photography to preserve a memory like event or capturing special moments. To tell a story and perhaps it will be a source of entertainment in the future. As you know photography is all about light, as a photographer we think and find light because it will define the element when we convert the raw file into digital images.

Photography is another form of art and to those who want to practice a photograph you can start it in the street. Because many great photographer shown in the SF MOMA itself starts on the street as a practitioner of the street photography.

Anyways, here's  my captured memories with my friends! I preserve  this moment  because they are special to me! Here they are.

Did I mention you about  street photography? here's my sample on street photography.

In photography, we must create a nice composition find a good focal point and point of view and the emotion of the subject to feel the message of the  photograph.

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