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Friday, January 12, 2018

The Reason Why Google Is Unbeatable And Owned The Internet!

The reason why google is unbeatable and always be the King of internet

I have a Facebook friend and he is also a YouTuber and a publisher in google, he is worrying about google will outrank by another site like another search engine in the future. But I insisted that it will never happen. If it will, maybe not in this generation. I can't see any single weakest point in google to be defeated in this field. Let's talk about google's best strategies, that will enlighten us and say that google will never be defeated or faded in the future.

"Turn Brand Into Language"

 In this age, in our generation google turned the word "search" into google himself! Like if someone said "Search it", He/She will use the word google it! Instead of search. In this scenario google was already promoted to the people. Even children know the word google! In our country Philippines, we have an acronym on search it on Google, we called it "GMT" means "Google Mo Tanga!" in English word means "Search It On Google Idiot!" 

 "Google Chrome"

Another strategy of google is they have an own browser and they named it "Google Chrome". If user wants to browse on the internet, they eagerly want to use chrome because it is fast on browsing. Therefore, In this scenario google will insert his own brand name into human brain! I think this is the number 1 reason why yahoo outranked and defeated by google. Because the yahoo doesn't have a browser himself. This strategy is very strong and it will never fade!

 "Google Owned YouTube!"

Nowadays, not all people want to read an article when they want to search about the solution of their problem. They more prefer to search and watch it on video, instead of reading it on article. Therefore, this strategy will make google more successful because the more program they owned the more advertiser they have! And as you know YouTube is not only a video streaming but it is also a search engine itself. In conclusion google owned two biggest websites in the internet and it makes them more successful.

Now the question is how google can make it permanent in the top! And no one will stand a chance to grab his crown as a King of the world of internet! This fourth strategy is the best choice they have to make it happen and become a permanent as a King of the internet!

"Helping People To Become Successful And Financially Free"

This is the fourth strategy that google will never be outrank and makes them permanent as a King of the Internet. Google gave a chance to people, to earn money, by turning them as a publisher. Google finds out, the more people become successful under their arm or program the more Google will become successful! So in conclusion the more content creator they have that become viral the more advertiser they can have. Google will earn from an advertiser, publisher also earns from commission, they are both happy! Even many generations will come the word King of search engine will never be taken in google!

Please share some feedbacks about my opinion  and your point of view about this topic! If you have an additional please   write down in a comment section.

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